Sunday School

"Rightly Dividing the Word of God"


It’s simple. The Christian journey is not meant to be traveled alone.

The numbers show that if you begin attending a church there is only a 14% chance you will be in that same church five years later. That seems alarmingly low. However, if you begin attending a church and a Sunday School class your chances of being in that same church goes up from 14% to 87%. That’s a dramatic increase!

What’s the reasoning? We are not meant to just connect to God; we are also designed to connect to God’s family. At Wyldewood Baptist Church we connect and build friendships through Sunday School.

I hope you’ll browse what we have to offer you and your family!

Sunday School for Adults

Adult Class

Anyone over 25!

A wide variety of Biblical topics are discussed as well as pertinent doctrinal issues of today's society.  Here you will sharpen your knowledge of what you believe and develop the skills to be able to share it with others. 

Teacher: Mr. Joel Nelson



Home Builders

Young Marrieds

An exciting class full of practical teaching on the family. Learn how to love and care for your family as Christ does. Here you can find answers to the most challenging questions of family relationships.

Teacher: Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl



College Age

Ages 18-24

Baptist College Ministry (BCM) is a group of young adults pursuing Jesus. Whether you are in college, working, or looking for a job, our purpose is to help you grow closer to the Savior & be transformed by His matchless Word. BCM exists to glorify God through the proclamation of the gospel & the development of Christ followers.

Teacher: Mr. John Meyer