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Wyldewood Baptist Church
3030 Witzel Ave.
Oshkosh, WI 54904
P: (920) 235-5400

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Wings As Eagles

waelogo-150x150Wings As Eagles Mission Air Service (WAE) was founded in 1984 and serves fundamental Baptist churches and their missionaries. Our main purpose is to help churches and their missionaries in their "Great Commission" goals by taking pastors and their people on short missionary trips. This enables them to enlarge their vision for the souls around the world that need Christ as Saviour and it gives them a greater understanding and burden for missions.

The Master's Craftsmen


The most important goal of The Master's Craftsmen (TMC) is for souls to come to know Christ through our testimony both in word and deed. We accomplish this by witnessing to those we come in contact both on and off the mission field. The second goal of The Masters Craftsmen is to assist in church planting by providing consultation, project management, and construction services to missionaries and pastors around the world. It is also our desire that people will see the joy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shining through in our lives.

Couriers For Christ

cfc church logo1Couriers For Christ (CFC) began with a burden to reach Communist Russia and Eastern Europe with the Gospel. Our purpose was to publish that Scripture and by using secret methods deliver this precious cargo behind the Iron Curtain to local Baptist churches in Eastern Europe and Russia. When the wall came down our ministry began to work on a personal basis with the national Baptist pastors and their churches. We saw immediately a need for doctrinal literature and started getting such literature translated and printed, and organizing outreach campaigns in those countries. We have found that church planting and distributing this literature goes hand in hand. We have been able to ship about 75 ton of Gospel literature each year, and we will continue by the grace of God to get His Word to the people in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Bearing Precious Seed

bpslogoBearing Precious Seed (BPS) has four main aspects of ministry: production, distribution, church relations, and training. We produce tracts, New Testaments, Gospel of John & Romans, and other gospel literature. Frequently we will assemble Scripture portions that were printed at other locations and sent to us for completion. Each year BPS takes missions trips to distribute Scriptures on the field. We also ship completed Scriptures to every continent. We work through local missionaries, and we distribute Scriptures in over 20 languages. BPS also hosts various groups from other churches who come to spend time in our print shop assembling Scriptures. Often, they personally take these very same Scriptures to the foreign field for distribution. The final aspect of BPS is training people to do the actual printing operations. BPS has trained several young men in our church to print, as well as assisting many missionaries in establishing print ministries on the foreign field.

Wyldewood Evangelists

wbc mobilelogo2Wyldewood has evangelists available to preach for missions conferences, special meetings and services. Our evangelists have a strong desire to serve the Lord and see souls come to Christ. Like our church, they are fundamental, independant, KJV Bible believing baptist preachers.

Scandinavians For Christ

sfc logoScandinavians for Christ, a mission outreach dedicated to getting gospel literature to the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Omega Ministry

omega-ministryThe Omega Ministry was established in January of 2000 as a way to provide temporary financial support for new fundamental Baptist pastors. While we support a few men in the United States, the main emphasis is upon foreign national pastors and missionaries who are planting churches on the foreign field.